UU快3Heat Vision and Jack(1999)

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As the result of a NASA miscalculation, Astronaut Jack Austin flew to close to the sun, the rays expanding his mind and making him the smart...更多>



Heat Vision: My friend Jack says the universe is infinite. He says you can travel forever and never reach the edge. I say the edge is where you find it. Frank: Come on Johnson... use both shoes! Jack Austin: Knowledge is power... for real. Heat Vision: Is that blood? Jack Austin: The


blood of tomatoes. Jack Austin: They have a man tracking me down. A very dangerous man. His name is Ron Silver. Like me, a former astronaut, but also a gifted actor. Jack Austin: Come on you big ball of gas, light my darkest hour. The Doctor: Can I trouble you for an autograph? Ron Silver: Yeah, if you have a pen. The Doctor: I don't have a pen. Ron Silver: Well get a pen, and I'll give you an autograph. Heat Vision: He pushed me over. The Sheriff: He got away? Heat Vision: Listen, lady, he pushed me over. Jack Austin: Hip to their jive, I called my roommate Doug, and asked him to come pick me up. If I had known then what I know now... I would have called a cab. Jack Austin: You learn to accept things when you're on the run... if fate makes you a motorcycle, you become a motorcycle. Heat Vision: Para-gone. Jack, Jack Jack, Para-GONE. Jack Austin: [Fake laugh] I get it. Pool Player #1: Hey, that guy disintegrated Jasmine! [repeated line] Jack Austin: I know everything! Heat Vision: I say a round Earth is a blessing. Each day you can see a new horizon. Goodnight. Strip Club DJ: [after capturing Paragon onto a tape] You want this labeled? The Sheriff: Jack, if you stay here, I can take care of you. Jack Austin: In the past, I've try to tell my story to journalists. Make friends. Open up to women. They're all dead. I've burnt out my daylight. Time for my to ride. Ben Stiller: [looking angrily at a picture of George Lucas] Hey, Mr. Beard. How many Emmies do you have? Frank: All monkey-sluts shall be absorbed! Ron Silver: If I feel so much as one bullet hit me, I'll come over there and pull your lungs through your nostrils. Jack Austin: You shouldn't point those things at people; they're dangerous The Sheriff: Only if i pull the trigger Jack Austin: I wasn't talking about the gun The Sheriff: Neither was i Jack Austin: I'm not a criminal The Sheriff: Tell me your name Jack Austin: I can't do that The Sheriff: Spoken like a crimin


al The Sheriff: ...And i'll come back for you right? Jack Austin: [spoken in a moking tone] Oh, i won't be here, come sunrise i'll be so intelligent no cell will be able to hold me Ron Silver: You can't run forever, Jack. Not from death, not from your shadow, not from Ron Silver.